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About DW Design

  After being discharged from the Army in 1975, I was drawn to a small post & beam company "Cluster Shed" that was just starting their business and looking for help. Having always enjoyed working with wood I figured this would be a good match and surely an interesting type of construction to learn. From that day forward I was hooked on timber frame/post & beam construction and all related components to include SIP's (structural insulated panels).

   I have now worked the last 40 years (still learning) in the Timber Frame, Post and Beam and Structural Panel industry, either cutting, raising or designing homes, barns and many other structures.

    The design and construction of a timber frame or SIP home is a challenging and rewarding experience for me. I work hard to ensure your design meets your needs, your expectations, your budget and I believe this to be one the most valuable and important services I can offer.

   Look forward to the possibly of working with you.

  Don Whippie

What I Do

   Option  A.  If you have decided to cut the frame yourself (60% of my clients do), I'm available for questions and support as you are cutting & raising without additional cost.

   Option B.  If you would like to have it cut by a professional framer and/or SIP company, I will submit your plans to multiple companies for individual quotes and fair comparison shopping.

  DW Timber Frame Design is a one person, independent, experienced & affordable office specializing in the design of timber frame, post & beam, SIP (structural insulated panel) structures of all types.

  I'm originally from the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. In 2008 I relocated a little further south so I could enjoy more of what little time off I had from work for some wind therapy on my ole Harley Davidson.
  Now my home base is located in the foothills of the Tennessee Smokey Mountains, but as always I work with clients throughout the USA and Canada.

  I can provide my service's to the residential and light commercial markets, providing architectural drawings, 3D timber frame/SIP renderings,  timber frame and panel (SIP) construction drawings to owner/builders, homeowners, timber/panel companies and construction professionals.