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Hawkins Carriage House
Hawkins Carriage House
Hawkins Carriage House
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DW Timber Frame Design is an independent design office providing affordable and professional services for Owner Builders, General Contractors & Home Owners all over America.

House, Barn, Cottage, Sugar House, Cabin, Gazebo, Carport, Studio, Porch, Pavilion,

Screen House, Entries and many more structures.

   If you have decided to cut the frame yourself, I'm available for questions and support as you are cutting & raising.

   If you would like to have it cut by a professional framer and/or SIP company, I will submit your plans to multiple companies for individual quotes and fair comparison shopping. 

A timber frame home makes a statement about your identity that conventional buildings don't make.

Welcome and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.
This way I will feel that you are more than just a number.

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A fully custom home is designed and built entirely to your specifications. It blends your dreams and heart's desires with the property of your choice and is tailored to fit your budget.